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#E3 Live Blog: Commentary From @IsaackGamma & @MrJoseAcevedo

This already has a very long title, but its because it is one of our favorite weeks. It is E3! And like we did last year, we are going to be live tweeting all weekend long. Yes, an “E3 Live Tweet Stream 2019” event is here! And here is our #E3 Live Blog.

This right here is the live blog of all the general commentary. Like that “Final Fantasy” remake that has been announced for ages, finally has a release date! And things like that. Along with memes, news, and more.

If you want to read all our other live blogs, they are all listed on this post right here. Lots to be said about game streaming as we predicted here. Other than that, we wish you an excellent E3 and remember, you can follow us here & here on Twitter.

Here is our #E3 Live Blog: Commentary Edition:

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  1. […] Thankfully we have @IsaackGamma to help me live blog this. The Ubisoft E3 Live Blog kicks off right before the conference that is scheduled to start at 4:00 pm. In the meanwhile, you can read all our other live blogs here. You can also follow our general commentary throughout the day on this blog post. […]

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