Microsoft E3 Live Tweet Stream 2019

This already has a very long title, but its because it is one of our favorite weeks. It is E3! And like we did last year, we are going to be live tweeting all weekend long. Yes, an “E3 Live Tweet Stream 2019” event is here! This is the Microsoft E3 Live Tweet.

Here you will see both @IsaackGamma’s and @MrJoseAcevedo’s live tweet blog for the Microsoft conference. I think this is going to be the biggest one for this year at E3. This is considering that Sony won’t be participating in this capacity. But like we mentioned in our Gamestop post the other day, Microsoft did team up with Sony for Azure. More about that here.

Anyway, Isaack and I are hoping to see some more details and potentially gameplay from that new “Halo” game. Also, we may see something that directly competes with Google’s Stadia console. Which you can read some of my thoughts here. What we do know is that streaming, like the Xbox Game Pass & Stadia, is going to be a big deal moving forward in this new console generation.

To see all the other live blogs, just go here and you can see all the schedules there. You can also follow us on Twitter here & here. Enjoy and remember that you can join us at any time. We will most likely retweet you and definitely answer back. Here is our Microsoft E3 Live Tweet Stream!

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