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5 Content Creation Resources That Are Free

5 Content Creation Resources That Are Free

Create, content, content creation, green

Content creation is something that not many people know where to start at. I know because it happened to me and lots of people have asked me to guide them to where they can start too. Well, here I have compiled five content creation resources that can jumpstart your path to create awesome stuff. Now, they’re are many tools and resources out there that are free, but these are the ones I believe are the best. Especially for both seasoned creators and beginners alike. Some of these do have premium versions, but unless you really need the extra features, you won’t need to upgrade.


Unsplash is one of my favorite resources right now for two reasons. First, they provide so many awesome images form so many talented photographers. Best thing about it? It’s all for free! Second, I also contribute to the site (you can check them out here). This is great for creating because Unsplash provides so many high quality images that you can use for anything. This way you don’t have to shell out any money on expensive stock photo services.


Over is something I have used for years (maybe around ~5 years) since I got interested in creating content. I don’t use it as much as before, but I would still recommend it for both pros & beginners. It is a mobile app that allows you to create content on you phone and/or tablet. It does have a pro version, but I have been able to use it under the free plan with no problems. You can create content for stories, news feed posts, and they have various templates ready for you to use.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is similar to Over, but I would say that it is 5 times better. Not only can you create images, you can also create video and even pages (like a landing page). Adobe provides so many templates ready for you to create what your brand needs with high quality stuff. The image above was actually made in Adobe Spark with a template. It is really great for beginners because it guides you step by step through the process of creating whatever you are making. It does have a paid version, but that is if you don’t want any watermarks from Adobe.


Crello is something I found out about the other day scrolling through Product Hunt and thank God I found it. I haven’t created much with it, but the few times I have used it, it was worth it. Crello allows you to create much like Adobe Spark & Over. What is really cool about Crello is that you can create animated posts. Yeah, you don’t have to learn about keyframes, After Effects, or any of that stuff that can take up a lot of time for a beginner. They provide a bunch of free templates that work for any occasion.


Piktochart is something I used since I started studying marketing a couple of years ago (wow, it feels so long ago). It allows you to create infographics & presentations that looking stunningly awesome. You can download the infographics by blocks (slides) or you can download them as a pdf file.

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